World Poker Tour (WPT) - Programmed Game

May 08, 2022

Whattttttttt-of Winnipeg, CA

I have played a few different Poker sites over the years. I have never been so disgusted how WPT fixes the game to speed things along. My friends and I have charted this game for a year now. if you have a lower stack of chips 87% of the time you are going to lose.

If You have A/8 Clubs and the bigger stack has A/8 Hearts there is going to be a run of Hearts. Oh it works when I have the chip lead as well so it is not like I am losing when i do have the larger stack as that is not the point, If I have a large chip lead and have a 3 and 7 I will go all in as everytime odds are 87% of the time I will get a 4/5/6. or a full house. It is so fixed mostly for the River it is disgusting. What a way to wreck a game.

Oh I know I will get the default reply, They do not do that as it is all computor generated.