WorldStrides - Mis-representation

Apr 21, 2022

Robbed parent-of US

Program offered free insurance if you signed up early (April 2021) for March 2022 trip. Who would do that during the pandemic without it? Had to cancel due to Covid, and now Im told my account doesn't have insurance. There is a mysterious "Spring Discount" that I noticed. Funny how if we attended a Zoom meeting we got $50 credit. We had advertisements saying that. But nothing at all about the $150 discount. You'll advertise a $50 discount but don't even mention a $150 discount? I want a full copy of the Zoom parent meeting to review what was promised. One representative says they can get it then another says they dont record. What is it? Provide me with the advertisement saying how and why we'll get the spring discount. Be transparent.

Want copy of Zoom meeting to review for definitive proof guarantee was orvwas not made. If made as I and the trip coordinator recall, I want the rest of my $1192. I'm not asking for all the processing payment fees refunded, although an extra $6 per month is excessive.