Wounded Warrior Project - Agency taking illegal donations

Nov 18, 2021

Regina ciardi — Vero Beach, USA

Wounded warrior project is a a con game, a scam. Every vet they use is visibly wounded. Every person they help is limited to the vets in wheelchairs or missing limbs. They dont care about the vets. They only care about getting the most noticeable faces on tv. Those few as re the only ones they help.
I live in florida and homeless vets are everywhere here. They live in the streets. They shelter in abandoned structures. They do not have physical wounds. They were good young men that returned and they cannot forget they cannot forgive themselves. I live with a retired army veteran. He was an eagle scout. He was a good man. After 30 years in the army and over 10 years in Iraq he returned, confused, angry. The good in him his gone. He is 100% disabled and he has reached out to wounded warrior project several times. They ignore him. They call him for donations. The greed if this organization is criminal. You insult these damaged vets with your fake commercials. Wounded warrior project needs those in charge to be handcuffed and their faces need to be on the news. Your commercials damage my boyfriend. He knows you are using veteran's to get rich. You dont help them. You need to go to jail