XLN - Wifi and landline are not working and the price we have agreed on has drasticly increased

May 05, 2022

Qasim Murtaza-of US

I have been emailing you regarding the Wi-Fi as it has not been working at all since Tuesday 26th April 2022. After I had contacted you, an engineer did come down and he sorted it out, and it continued to work until Friday 29th April 2022 when the Wi-Fi stopped working along with the landline. I am very concerned as I have contacted your company on Friday and they did explain there has been a bug. I have been told it will take around 10 working days for an engineer to come and sort it out. Why would it take 10 working days when last time the engineer came in less than an hour? The landline number you have provided us is on our Facebook and on our Website and since the landline number is unreachable we are losing out on customers and on orders which is a disadvantage for our company especially when we have paid loads of money on advertising. I’m not happy about this as I have a business to run and also having this Wi-Fi issue is not helping as we can’t even do our invoicing or any of our work. Furthermore I have also been charged £50 when the bill was £27 so I need an explanation of why there is a drastic price increase and why do I have to pay for a service I am unable to use! This is frustrating! I have also been emailing you a couple of days ago but I did not receive any answer. I need an URGENT response!