YMCA - Child care worker.

Jan 11, 2022

Kval — Morrisville, USA

I want to file a complaint about racism. This lady name Jane at the Morrisville YMCA has been telling me things that I can't do but everyone else can. Ex This morning she came all the way out of the building where I was dropping off my daughter to tell me I cant get out of the car because im holding the line but the guy in front of me was out of the car as well dropping his kid off and she didn't say anything to him. Another incident is one day I was a little late dropping off and the car line was too long so I decided to park in the parking lot and walk my daughter, she came up to me to told me I cant park I have to wait on the line if I have to wait 15 min then I wait 15 min. Another incident is at pick up one time I was in a rush picking up my daughter I forgot my mask but I never went inside the building pick up and drop off is outside of the building this lady came to me and told me I needed a mask when everyone around me had no mask and she just told me that. MyEmail is [protected]@gmail.com. THIS IS RACISM.