ZipRecruiter - Ziprecruiter Scams Small Businesses Without Remorse

Jan 26, 2022

Small-Biz Owner-of New York, US

This company is a total scammer. I posted a job, but once I found out it was $16/day after the trial, I canceled it (it says you have 4 days to cancel), but I canceled right after I put the ad up, within an hour. They DON'T send you emails saying that you've received a free trial that ends in so many days...They DON'T send you emails saying you've got a continuing subscription, and they DON'T send you any emails confirming that you've canceled. They rely on you being so busy that you forget about it so you can continue to get charged. Meanwhile, you get a few random resumes from people at random times who don't even match your job description. 2 months and over $400 later when I received my credit card bill, I discussed this with customer service, which was useless. The person on the other end was rude, argumentative and accusatory. This is how they train their people? The best employees I ever hired was from Craigslist. $20, and your job is posted for a month, no recurring charges, and it's free for the employees too. Keep it simple, and DON'T USE SCAMMER COMPANIES LIKE ZIPRECRUITER!