ZTE - zte warranty policy and method of delivering phones

Nov 23, 2021

T Payne1 — USA

ON 11/5/2021 I had to file a warranty claim with zte-my phone was flashing and had stopped working. Intially the customer service agent told me my phone was out of warranty, then conceded I was within warranty .However the company is refusing to repalce my item within terms of the warranty, as when I called to check on my claim-they stated water damage had occured.
When I explained that the welding of the sides of thier device was faulty, I was told that I should have sent the item back within 30 days -as if zte isnt responsible for a phone falling apart and not working properly after 30 days,

I was treated as if it was my responsibilty to call for status updates, vs being notified and spoken down too. Further, the phone I ordered on the dates I sent my item in-as a backup-never arrived. ZTE felt it was appropriate for the 500 + dollar item to be left a door-with no signature .To date, I have recieved nothing-no warranty replacement as promised/ no order that I paid for . This is really a huge dissapointment in terms of customer service. The warrantys just get shorter and shorter over time and are not being honored .